How to display your photos

Photographs have a magic way of taking us back to a special moment in time. Memories that once seemed unforgettable can fade over time, thats why we should display our photographs.

We are now snapping everything on our phones but the photos usually stay there. We re-visit these memories by scrolling through our devices. Instead up uploading them to social media or leaving them on our device, why not beautify your home with your incredible memories.

Make your decor personal and unique. Bring joy into your daily life by displaying your photographs where you’ll pass by them often. It will definitely remind you of that special moment and put a smile on your face.

Here are some fun and creative ways to display your photographs in your home so that they really become a decor feature.

Arch Photo blocks

I came across these online and I am absolutely obsessed. This will definitely be a statement piece in your home. Check out print on wood for more shapes and sizes. Also a great gift idea.

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Photo books

A great way to display your memories are on photo books. You can display them on your coffee table or tv unit. I guarantee every guest that comes to visit will pick up your book and be able to connect with your memory. Head to Chatbooks and download the app for a quick and easy way to create these amazing photo books.

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Christmas Ornaments

Hang your yearly family photos on your Christmas tree and see how your family has grown each festive season. You can pick up cute photo frames from your local department stores.

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Glass bottles

Glass bottles or jars are a fun way to display your photos. Use different shapes and sizes for a more creative effect.

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Clipboard frames

Instead of your standard photos frame, make your photos pop by adding your own crafty twist to them.

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Photo magnets

Bring your photos to life by turning them into magnets. You can order them through various printing services like Happy Snappy , or you can even buy magnetic photo frames and place your printed photo inside.

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