Wedding anniversary ideas during lockdown

Your anniversary is that one day that you want to celebrate all the memories and moments that you've made with your partner, but due to the pandemic you are restricted to your home. Don't let this stop you from celebrating your special day with your loved one. Here are some great anniversary ideas you can do to celebrate during lockdown. Make sure you document your lockdown anniversary, and take lots of photos.

outdoor movie night

Outdoor movie night

Get your blankets, cushions and fairy lights out for a magical movie night. Snuggle and have some hot chocolate or better yet, substitute if for some wine.

romantic star gazing in Wollongong

Star gazing

Use a telescope or simply chill out in your backyard on a blanket and make a wish on a star. There are some amazing apps to find constellations. You can also purchase and register your own star.

Wollongong wedding

Bring the restaurant home

Order take out from your favourite restaurant and create a romantic set up.

wine tasting at home

Wine tasting

Buy a range of different vines and have a DIY home wine tasking date. Make it fun by pouring each other a glass of wine, without showing the other person and try to guess which wine it is.

wine and paint at home

DIY paint date

Pour a glass of wine and do an online painting tutorial or better yet, paint each other.

family photography Wollongong

Cook together

Look up your favourite dish or make something you've both never tried.

NSW South Coast photography

Massage eachother

Light some candles and get your oils out. Give each other a relaxing massage.

NSW South coast photography

Get moving

Enjoy a romantic beach walk, hike or get your skates out for a fun and fit anniversary date.