Booking in your newborn photography session

Welcoming a newborn into your family is an incredibly special and fleeting moment in life. One way to freeze those precious early days in time is through newborn photography. These sessions are not only an opportunity to document the adorable features of your little one but also a chance to create lasting memories for your family. In this blog, we will explore what to expect at a newborn photography session and provide guidance on when to book this magical experience.

What to Expect at a Newborn Photography Session:

Professional Expertise:

When you hire a newborn photographer, you're not just getting someone to operate a camera. You're investing in the skills and expertise of a professional who understands the delicate art of working with newborns. They know how to handle babies safely and are skilled in capturing those tiny details that make your newborn unique.

Timing is Key:

Newborns are typically sleepier and more cooperative during the first two weeks of life. This is the optimal time for a photography session, as it allows me to pose your baby in those adorable, curled-up positions that showcase their flexibility. The session may take a few hours to ensure a relaxed pace that accommodates feeding and comforting breaks.

Choosing the Right Setting:

All my newborn sessions are captured in the comfort of. your own home, that way bubs, other siblings and parents are more relaxed.

Props and Personalisation:

If you choose the newborn posed session, i bring a variety of props, bows, outfits and wraps. The props can be discussed prior to our shoot to make sure I bring along the ones you love.

Patience is Key:

Newborns have their own schedule, and they might need feeding, changing, or soothing during the session. I am well-versed in working around these needs, ensuring a stress-free experience for both the baby and the parents.

When to Book Your Newborn Photography Session:

Early Planning:

It's never too early to start planning your newborn photography session. I recommend booking during the second trimester to ensure availability

Flexible Scheduling:

Newborns are unpredictable, and their arrival may not align perfectly with your due date. To accommodate this uncertainty, I will tentatively book sessions based on your due date and then adjust the schedule once your baby arrives. Once your baby arrives, you will send me a message to lock in your session, which will be within the first 2 weeks of birth.

Limited Availability:

Keep in mind that the number of sessions that I book each month are limited, to provide personalised attention to each client. Booking early ensures you secure a spot during this narrow window of opportunity.

A newborn photography session is a heartwarming experience that allows you to capture the fleeting moments of your baby's early days. By understanding what to expect during the session and planning ahead, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience that results in timeless photographs to cherish for a lifetime. So, don't wait – start planning your newborn photography session today and let the magic unfold.

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